Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity of Flagstaff 1400 East Butler Ave, PO Box 3783, Flagstaff, AZ 86003
v: (928)779-1314 f: (928)779-1312 e: [email protected]

Our Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open.
Please call the office at 779-1314 or send your request for meeting time and place on the form.

Board Members

Tom Watkins
President, Construction Committee Chair *

Larry Cunningham
Director, Fundraising Committee

Mike Gordon

Andrew Meyer

De Rasser

DD Jay
Vice President, Family Partnership Committee *

Phill Off
Director, Blitz Build Committee Chair*

Jerome Naleski
Director, Site Selection Chair

Paula Rocco
Fundraising Committee Chair

Shane Rogers

Tom Peters
Executive Director *

Kelly Rowe

Ben Jones

Victoria Wold
Past President

Johnathan Meyer
Director, Secretary *

Tonya Garcia
Director, Church Relations Committee

Director, Public Relations Committee Chair

Dharmesh Vora
Fund Raising Committee

Staff and Committee Chairs

Gwen Roth
Office Manager

Wendy Edwards
Volunteer Committee Chair

Church Relations Committee Chairr

Gina Schwartz
NAU Campus Chapter Contacts

Liz Rahr
Family Partnership Committee Chair

Connie Ghiglieri
Selection Committee Chair